International Distributors & Retailers

When we see a new product that we are so excited to offer, delivery time is a very important thing!
The faster the better! Right?
And for this reason, I will always look for great products to sell with the quickest delivery possible.
Here is the list of the International Distributors and retailers carefully chosen and authorized by me to sell my products.
If you see a duplicate of my products in other stores that aren’t on this list, please notify them to me.  In this case I wouldn’t be responsible for anything related to the product, unless it was bought through this online store.




Ellison's Organics have FREE SHIPPING in order over $20 dls (only in the USA)



Nail-Artisan will refund excess shipping charged if you only order plates! The shipping cost shows in her online store include polishes. Please, contact Alexandra for an accurate shipping rate or a refund for the extra shipping cost. 








MEXICO   * Coming Soon *

LATIN AMERICA  * Coming Soon *

INDIA  * Coming Soon *


If you would like to be a part of my International Distributors or want to sell my products in your store please send me an email to