pixie smudge brush pixie smudge brush
Great for easily apply, rub or polish chrome/mirror powders and/or holo glitters into the nail surface!
This amazing brush is made with high-quality synthetic rounded flat soft hair that is compact and vegan-friendly with a wood handle.  It distributes powder evenly with just one application!

This brush helps to save time and powder!  Only a small amount can cover the whole nail!

pixie dust brush pixie dust brush
Designed to easily and quickly remove the excess glitter and/or pigment powders of the nail or acrylic tips.
This amazing brush is made with high-quality synthetic soft hair that is compact, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly with a wood handle.
It could also be used to clean dust and acrylic residues after buffing.
pixie sprinkle brush pixie sprinkle brush
Great to apply fine glitters or pigment powders to achieve a smooth super shiny layer!
This amazing angular brush is made with high-quality synthetic soft hair that is compact and vegan-friendly.  It distributes glitter & powder evenly with just one application!

This brush helps to save time and powder!  Only a small amount can cover the whole nail!

pixie dry brush cleaner pixie dry brush cleaner
Cleaning your brushes have never been easier!  A dry sponge that allows you to blend different colors in one nail without having to switch the brush!

Designed to instantly remove thin glitters or any other pigment powders from our Pixie Smudge Brush, Pixie Sprinkle Brush, Pixie Dust Brush or any other brushes.

The Acticarbon Scrubbing Sponge allows you to remove all kind of pigment powders or thin glitters without damaging the hair of the brush. To clean it, simply removed the sponge from the tin and shake it until the powders and/or glitters removed.  

Protect Mat Protect Mat
Aren’t you TIRED of RUINING every surface when you spill acetone, or STAINING your surface when you work with any super pigmented powders or polishes? Mess, mess, and more mess, no matter how
careful you are… BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!    We bring to you our brand new #ProtectMat!!

It’s a super thin, flexible, food grade silicone mat that is so easy to clean with 100% acetone! … Wait?? What did you say???... YES!!!  Our ProtectMat is 100% pure acetone proof! 

It's 56 cm (22 in) wide by 39 cm (15.5 in) tall.

Our Mat is easy to work with, doesn’t ask for coffee breaks or days off, and has LOTS OF SAFE SURFACE ROOM to do lots of jobs for you. 

This mat will be perfect when you do: stamping decals, reverse stamping, test and/or mixing polishes or gels, using all kind of powders and flakes, and dry marble or fluid art! There is so much you can do with this amazing mat!

Mat is dependable and always stays in place!!! The glossy back part has a sticky surface that allows it to stay in place on ANY SURFACE you use!

Our Protect Mat is the perfect nail art assistant you’ve been waiting for!!!

Don’t wait too long and get yours as we have a LIMITED STOCK available!!

Holo-Flip Black Holo-Flip Black

Have you been flipping out yet over our new plate organizer, well, YOU should be!!  Show YOUR plates some LOVE ..... and with STYLE!!

The perfect storage solution for your Lina Plates collection is here!! Not only will the Holo-Flip folder keep your plates safe from scratches and bending, but it is also beautiful, super strong, holographic, and has back to back plastic sleeves, which will allow you to easily browse through each and every one of your plates, over and over again.

The faux leather (not holographic effect) design of the folder isn't just fancy, it is incredibly versatile too, and built to last! You can take it wherever you go want to go without worry that your plates will get lost or damaged. Holo-Flip is strong enough to be stored vertically or horizontally. This is the stylish and durable plate organizer that your plates will love!