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Hello everyone!! My name is Lyubov and I am from Russia. I like nail art and I especially love stamping!!  My collaboration with LinaNailartSupplies is a great honour for me!

My collab-plate is created in an inspiration of love natural textures and nature marble play, twigs and leaves, and a small piece of my hometown - Моscow. Some of the pictures from my plate can be used like “layered stamping"

I hope you will like it)


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Hi I’m Shanna of @ShannasNailAdventures and consider myself a nail artist. Everything I have learned is my practice, repetition, and dedication. I’ve been painting my nails since I was a little girl, but began doing nail art about 6 years ago and use it as a way to unwind and clear my head from trivial everyday things and haven’t stopped.
I was so excited when Lina asked if I wanted to create a mini plate!!!! Some of my favorite designs are florals layered over a pattern so that was the inspiration of this plate. I guess I would call it romantic chic. I also wanted some layering images, so we have some roses and hearts that you can layer with different shades of polish to create a more detailed and 3D look. Hope you adore this plate as much as I do!!! ❤️

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Hello! My name is Tanya and I am nail blogger from Russia. Nail art is my passion and one of the biggest hobbies in my life. I love stamping because this technique allows to create nail designs and implement your ideas even if you don’t know how to draw.

Creating own stamping plate is no less fascinating. Thinking out this plate I tried to be focused on what surrounds me and inspires. I love nature, textures, and all this is reflected in the selected pictures. Here you can see marble and plants, stars and flowers, expressive lines and lovely words.

These designs are suitable for such techniques as reverse and leadlight stamping. In addition, images can be combined with each other to create nail art in the technique of layered stamping!

This plate is created with love, and I hope that it will make you happy! 

@tanya_wish collab

@urbannailart collab @urbannailart collab

This is my first collaboration stamping plate and I am very excited about it! I wanted to create a plate which contains images with lots of fine lines and intricacies. Every single image on this plate is my favorite!

If you look closely at the plate you will find that there are images that can suit designs for every season of the year. Summer, autumn, winter, spring - all covered in one small but mighty plate :)

Hope you love it as much as I do!

Lou aka @Urban Nail Art