Totally Negative 02 Totally Negative 02

Flowers, flowers and more flowers in all styles are waiting for you in the AMAZING Totally Negative 02 plate!

This is a great plate to say “Hello Spring” in a very original way!

You will have 30 different floral patterns that are ready, all in negative space, to be on top of any color or background you want!

Take your floral designs to another level to become more beautiful and even stunning with the rich negatives that can be added which will have your nails standing out among the floral crowd.

Feeling Shapely! 08 Feeling Shapely! 08
Are geometric flowers fun, pretty, stylish and way cool?!?! You bet they are! We see it and that's the reason we have created our Feeling Shapely! 08 plate.

We wanted something different from the traditional flower's style that is fun and unique to make your manis look amazing!! From reverse stamping to leadlighting manis to just simple stamping, this plate is perfect! 😉

Spring has sprung with change here. Try out something different, and welcome Spring with a great style!

Make Your Mark 06 Make Your Mark 06
Hand-drawn style is one of the hottest design trends and is incorporated in almost everything!!! That is why we have come up with our Make Your Mark 06!!! A plate where you can find unique backgrounds featuring fall and winter images with a personal touch!

Sunflowers, pumpkins, Christmas trees, and leaves waiting for you to add amazing colors to them! Fall and winter is waiting here for you to Make Your Mark again!

Opposites Attract 01 Opposites Attract 01

Flowers in Fall?, why not!!! Who says a girl can’t wear flowers all year long!

But wait, there is more!! Let’s welcome a brand new theme that a lot of girls were asking for! Our #OppositesAttract01 plate is full of all kinds of floral styles with a MIRROR EFFECT! Why? Because you can use the same design on opposite hands, or maybe mix both images on the same hand for a different effect! Isn’t that cool?

You can also use the images on top of a geometric, plaid, texture pattern to give a chic look to your nails! Sounds like Opposites Attractive, if you ask us, as your nails will look have an attractively beautiful and flowery look in fall and winter from the designs you can create from our Opposites Attract 01 plate.

Get yours before they are sold out!

Feeling Shapely! 06 Feeling Shapely! 06
And here is another plate that is part of our "Shapes Collection". Feeling Shapely! 06 plate is full of organic shapes with curves and uneven images that will add that original look to your finger nails! If you are naturally inspired by shapes, but you are looking for something different and unique, this plate will give you that!
4 Seasons - Spring 02 4 Seasons - Spring 02
Flower Geometric/Abstract Power!!! Wait ....What?!?!! Yes!, spring is coming, and we want you to be ready for it AND in style with our Spring 02 plate!

What you will find in this plate are beautiful floral patterns to mix and match perfectly with the geometrical and abstract backgrounds that are on THE fashion curve for this season.

Get your nails ready for Spring with lots of style, and don’t miss adding this plate to your collection.

$14.99USD $11.99USD
All Mixed Up! 01 All Mixed Up! 01

Are you All Mixed Up? Well, if you are, then welcome to the world of contrasts!!!

With this new plate you can create unique contrasts with some basic tips!! How?? Just keep it simple, break it up a bit, and then add an extra detail or two to your nails with this go to plate!

This plate allows you to create the kind of unique designs that will never come across as boring!! It is a fun challenge to try mix and match images with completely diverse themes to create that look that is uniquely YOU!! That is exactly what you will find in this new series of plates!! Fun, cool, cute and funny images to mix them with anything YOU want! Let’s just say we added a little bit of everything we love to these plates, and why not?? Mix and Match is always in trend!

Let's Doodle! 02 Let's Doodle! 02
Who says sequels can’t be better?

Our Let’s Doodle! 02 is ready to rock this year with beautiful and unique hand-drawn flowers, along with some very pretty, intricate patterns.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie in reverse stamping or a totally advanced reverse stamping artist, you will have so much fun coloring and giving that original look to your nails!

Let's Doodle! 03 Let's Doodle! 03
In Motion 02 In Motion 02
Get into the world of optical illusion with In Motion 02!. This plate is going to make you HALLUCINATE!. Mind-bending fun and moving and moving illusions images that will AMAZE everyone who sees your nails.
Feeling Shapely! 03 Feeling Shapely! 03
Are you ready for mix and match your nails with style?. We love to do that!. That's the reason why we create our "Shapes Collection", which is full of geometrical shapes and cool abstract patterns that will make your nails look amazing! And here is another of our cool plates... beware! Feeling Shapely! 03 plate is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! What are you waiting for? Let your creativity fly with this plate & create designs on your nails what will steal all of the attention while you are wearing them!
In Motion 01 In Motion 01
Things aren't always as they seem...... Get raedy to have yuor mnids bolwn as we epxolre the wodnefrul wlord of opactil illisuon igmaes with this CRAZY In Motion 01 plate! We are going to put your nails in movement! If you see still images that start to move, yep! is our fault! We try to do all kind of cool images that literally blow your mind! If you are a super fan of all kind of Optical Illusion images, this is a plate for you!.
Stamp Stick Black Stamp Stick Black

Is specifically developed for stamping that air dries and has good adhesion for applying thin glitters, holographic & mirror/chrome powders. 

High pigmented formula which is perfect for a black stamping polish and is also slower drying so it's good for picking up fine lines even with a clear stamper or layering images. 

Could also be used with a gel polish color as a base and top coat gel. 

Our stamping polish formula is cruelty-free & vegan.

Comes in a 12ml bottle with a wide angular brush applicator.

Seal your design with our fearless top coat .

Shake well before use.

You're a Damasque! 02 You're a Damasque! 02
If you are looking for some beautiful backgrounds for a classy, stylish and sophisticated look to your nails that will never go out of style, our You’re a Damasque! 02 is the right plate for you!

The plate is full of beautiful and different floral damask images you can use all year long! Some of them are in a negative space so you can color and do a modern twist to the classic damask designs.

In Motion 03 In Motion 03
Let’s trick each other’s eyes with the In Motion 03 plate!

The visual impact of these patterns will have your nails looking dynamic as a force of optical motion! Challenge yourself to create amazing op-art designs by mixing and matching colors and pattern from this plate that will add a unique and kinetic style to your nails!

stained glasstic! 01 stained glasstic! 01

We are so excited about this plate that a lot of girls were asking for a long time ago, and we finally did it!

If you are a #reversestamping lover, this is a plate you definitely need to have!!!