totally negative 05 totally negative 05

Do you want your nails to look absolutely fabulous?

Well, then follow along and let's talk about reverse stamping, and become positively "totally negative" about our nails!!

Yes!! Our Totally Negative series is back, and because there is never a positive without a negative, this plate will have you feeling positively wonderful about how beautiful your nails will look.

These sharp images are some of the most popular around for reverse stamping! We also want to mention these images are the simplest to stamp with, and guaranteed to make your nails look fantastic. As you can do any kind of background, once you place any negative image on top, your design and nails will indeed look positively amazing!!

Twirls & Swirls 01 Twirls & Swirls 01
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A LOT OF YOU were asking about a fun and classic plate like this, and we have made it possible! We have taken classic looks and made them new again with beautiful LAYERED SWIRLS!!! Yay!!

If you are looking for something special, unique, vintage AND sophisticated, this plate certainly is for YOU!

By using metallic polishes or foil, you can create and get truly amazing designs with this plate! Not only that, you can also layer the images on top of a stripes or damask background for a really cool classic effect!!!

Twirls & Swirls 02 Twirls & Swirls 02

If you are like us, have you ever stared at all those amazing nail art designs that a lot of talented Russian girls do, and told yourself, “I wish I can do them”. Well then, say that no more, as our Twirls & Swirls 02 is for just for YOU!

We’ve done a plate inspired by those amazing designs that you can use as a template. Now you too can create similarly beautiful designs, and with even larger swirls that can use in a lot of unique ways all over your nails!

Twirls & Swirls 03 Twirls & Swirls 03

Ok Ladies!!!   Are you ready to get your twirl & swirl on???  Well then, let’s twirl & swirl the night away together!   We’ve received a lot of requests, and HERE IT IS!   Introducing another of our popular plates that is back and better than ever, our twirls & swirls 03 plate!

The images of this plate are perfect to use them with gradient backgrounds and stamping with powders to give that classy AND super chic look to your nails.  We’ve added more negative space swirls too.  The original creations you can come up with are endless with this plate!   Come and get YOUR unique twirl & swirl on… available!

U Tropic! 01 U Tropic! 01
If you are a tropical lover, this plate is what you need! Full of cool backgrounds that you can use to layer all kind of tropical designs! 
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You're a Damasque! 01 You're a Damasque! 01
This plate is full of fancy images that will add that attractive and classy look to your nails! You're a Damasque 01 plate is for all Damask and Ornaments lovers and non lovers out there that are looking for that extra touch to pop up your manis! A lot of designs are here in this beautiful plate! Aren't these FANTASTIC?!!
You're a Damasque! 02 You're a Damasque! 02
If you are looking for some beautiful backgrounds for a classy, stylish and sophisticated look to your nails that will never go out of style, our You’re a Damasque! 02 is the right plate for you!

The plate is full of beautiful and different floral damask images you can use all year long! Some of them are in a negative space so you can color and do a modern twist to the classic damask designs.

you're a damasque! 03 you're a damasque! 03
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