Spooklicious! 02 Spooklicious! 02
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Soon, ghosts and goblins, spooks galore, and scary witches will be at your door!!! 

Halloween is coming soon and you should be ready to have the best in
ghoulish Halloween designs on your nails! And that’s exactly what you are going to get with the GORGEOUS Spooklicious! 02 plate!

If you already have the first plate, you will notice that we have included some images that will match perfectly with this new plate! We have added a little bit of a crime scene, gothic styles and of course a lot of cute Halloween images!!

Don’t miss this and have to “boo” hoo about it after!!! Set your alarms, because our Pre-Order will be open on Sep 23rd!

Spooklicious! 03 Spooklicious! 03
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Halloween may still be a lot of days away, but we want you to be prepared ahead of time with the chills and downright spooky ways of our brand new Spooklicious 03 plate!

Do you like a full moon during Halloween? We created something even BETTER than that here that will take you to the moon and back!!! Yes! A LAYER MOON!! Now you can have those cemetery scenes with a huge moon that you can easily layer with to give you a real full moon effect!

Can you say Scary Fab?? Keep your nails looking Scary Fabulous ALL Halloween season long with our Spooklicious 03 plate! It would be scary not to!

stained glasstic! 01 stained glasstic! 01

We are so excited about this plate that a lot of girls were asking for a long time ago, and we finally did it!

If you are a #reversestamping lover, this is a plate you definitely need to have!!!

Totally Negative 01 Totally Negative 01

Let’s finally turn a NEGATIVE into something positive with our Totally Negative 01 plate!! #TotallyNegative01 is the first plate of its kind in the market that is 100% dedicated to a great mix & match of NEGATIVE SPACE images!! We tried to add images from all of our past themes and include a touch of all in this plate! Isn’t this just amazing?!?!

For all of you that love to do water marble or gradients as backgrounds and want to add that beautiful touch to your designs, this is a plate you must have!!

Attitude in design is everything…..and we can’t wait to see you turn a Negative into a positive!!!

Totally Negative 02 Totally Negative 02

Flowers, flowers and more flowers in all styles are waiting for you in the AMAZING Totally Negative 02 plate!

This is a great plate to say “Hello Spring” in a very original way!

You will have 30 different floral patterns that are ready, all in negative space, to be on top of any color or background you want!

Take your floral designs to another level to become more beautiful and even stunning with the rich negatives that can be added which will have your nails standing out among the floral crowd.

Totally Negative 03 Totally Negative 03

An answer to a riddle.   How can totally negative always become so magically positive on your nails?!?!   Well, it happens when one of our super popular and most wanted plates arrives, and you shouldn’t miss it out!!!

Yes, our new totally negative 03 has finally arrived, and it is full of a mix of magical negative space patterns.  They are perfect to use on top of any magnetic polish, chrome powders, or any fun colorful backgrounds.

What are you waiting for??  Let your nails shine in a positive light with a cool negative effect that only totally negative 03 can give them!

Get one before they are gone!

totally negative 04 totally negative 04
Twirls & Swirls 01 Twirls & Swirls 01

A LOT OF YOU were asking about a fun and classic plate like this, and we have made it possible! We have taken classic looks and made them new again with beautiful LAYERED SWIRLS!!! Yay!!

If you are looking for something special, unique, vintage AND sophisticated, this plate certainly is for YOU!

By using metallic polishes or foil, you can create and get truly amazing designs with this plate! Not only that, you can also layer the images on top of a stripes or damask background for a really cool classic effect!!!

Twirls & Swirls 02 Twirls & Swirls 02
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If you are like us, have you ever stared at all those amazing nail art designs that a lot of talented Russian girls do, and told yourself, “I wish I can do them”. Well then, say that no more, as our Twirls & Swirls 02 is for just for YOU!

We’ve done a plate inspired by those amazing designs that you can use as a template. Now you too can create similarly beautiful designs, and with even larger swirls that can use in a lot of unique ways all over your nails!

Twirls & Swirls 03 Twirls & Swirls 03

Ok Ladies!!!   Are you ready to get your twirl & swirl on???  Well then, let’s twirl & swirl the night away together!   We’ve received a lot of requests, and HERE IT IS!   Introducing another of our popular plates that is back and better than ever, our twirls & swirls 03 plate!

The images of this plate are perfect to use them with gradient backgrounds and stamping with powders to give that classy AND super chic look to your nails.  We’ve added more negative space swirls too.  The original creations you can come up with are endless with this plate!   Come and get YOUR unique twirl & swirl on…..now available!

U Tropic! 01 U Tropic! 01
If you are a tropical lover, this plate is what you need! Full of cool backgrounds that you can use to layer all kind of tropical designs! 
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You're a Damasque! 02 You're a Damasque! 02
If you are looking for some beautiful backgrounds for a classy, stylish and sophisticated look to your nails that will never go out of style, our You’re a Damasque! 02 is the right plate for you!

The plate is full of beautiful and different floral damask images you can use all year long! Some of them are in a negative space so you can color and do a modern twist to the classic damask designs.

you're a damasque! 03 you're a damasque! 03