pixie sprinkle brush

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Great to apply fine glitters or pigment powders to achieve a smooth super shiny layer!
This amazing angular brush is made with high-quality synthetic soft hair that is compact and vegan-friendly.  It distributes glitter & powder evenly with just one application!

This brush helps to save time and powder!  Only a small amount can cover the whole nail!

  • Brush length: 140mm
    Brush tip size: 5.2mm x 9.2mm
  • Professionals and home users.

To keep the hair in good condition, clean the brush in our pixie dry brush duster.
For hard pigment stains, put nail cleanser solution on a wipe and then gently move the brush against the wipe in circular motions until pigments are removed and let it dry.


    Do not use the brush to clean dust, glitters and/or pigment powders in wet gel or nail polish. 


    1. Apply a thin layer of the tacky Gel Ready! base coat gel (coming soon) or any other sticky/rubber base coat to your nail.
    2. Dip the pixie sprinkle brush into the powder and tap onto the tacky layer, starting with the top of the nail and all the way to the edge until the nail is totally covered. 
    3. Burnish (rub) with small circular motions to remove any excess powder with the pixie dust brush.
    4. Seal your powder using our Diamond Sealer no wipe top coat gel (coming soon) or Fearless Top Coat for an ultra-smooth and super shiny look.


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