born to sail 01 born to sail 01
We introduced our first stamping plate of our Theme Collection!! Born To Sail 01!. This plate is everything you dream of to sail and wear! Ahoy! Get those stampers ready! Full speed ahead matte!! As long as there is a sea out there and a beautiful beach too, no matter the season, it's always good to sea the sea .... at least on the nails!.
Born To Sail 02 Born To Sail 02

Ahoy, sailor chics! If you see water, sea and nautical themes on the horizon for your nails, then you must be looking at our new Born To Sail 02 plate!

Bring the nauti look to your port side AND starboard side nails with this gorgeous plate full of new nautical and marine images.

Arrrrrrgh Matey!!, we have also included the pirate style you can wear this summer too! Update your marine/nautical styles with all of these modern and cute images!

Can't Wait For Xmas! 01 Can't Wait For Xmas! 01

Jingle nails, jingle nails, jingle all the way...Here is our first and lovely Can't Wait For Xmas 01 plate!!! Isn't this beautiful?! Let the Christmas season start!

Can't Wait For Xmas! 02 Can't Wait For Xmas! 02

Make your spirits bright by making Can't Wait for Xmas! 02 your go to plate for a cheerful holiday stocking stuffer!

Ginger Bread cookies, check. Beautiful snowflakes and Christmas lights, check. Reindeer and candy canes, check! Lots of good cheer to be found right here!

So don't be late, get this beautiful Christmas plate!!

Coffee, Tea or Gonutz! 01 Coffee, Tea or Gonutz! 01

Are there any coffee lovers out there? Raise your hands!!! because this LIMITED EDITION Coffee, Tea or Gonutz! 01 plate was made specially for you!!! This plate will make you bite your nails with our macaroons and donuts images!. And as we know that we can get nuts if we don't have our coffee, we create these fantastic designs for some extra excitement caffeine until you grab your cup of coffee!.

Dress Your Nails 01 Dress Your Nails 01

We want to introduce to all of you another of our brand new plates for this Winter and Christmas season!!! A plate that is totally inspired by all of those beautiful winter textures you could see in all the fashion trends for this winter season!! That's why we call it Dress Your Nails 01!

Dress Your Nails 02 Dress Your Nails 02

Let’s take it back to the swinging sixties a bit with these retro inspired patterns, which will make you feel feminine, foxy and maybe even just a little badass too!

Beautiful floral, geometric, abstract and paisley motifs are BACK as current favored design choices that are in fashion. This is the reason why we reached back and created our Dress Your Nails 02 plate so that you too can also be totally inspired by the look of today’s prevailing fashion trends.

This plate is full of all kinds of beautiful textiles that will give your nails the looks they deserve!

dress your nails 03 dress your nails 03
Sold Out
**PRE-ORDER.... we will ship this plate after Sep 10th **

We have come back with an exciting fabric/textile plate that we love the most!!!

Our NEW Dress Your Nails 03 is full of beautiful seasonal patterns, including some amazing autumn & winter patterns with a 70’s & 80’s style that make everything looks so vintage cool!

As with the other plates in this series, Dress Your Nails 03 has the type of mix & match patterns that your nails have come to love!!

express your nails! 01 express your nails! 01

Ladies, it is time to let the world know what we want or feel through our nails in a funny and sassy way! It is time to become “Nailingual”!!!

Our brand new Express Your Nails 01 is full of all kind of words and sayings that will add that extra, personal expression to any of your designs! You’ll find the complete alphabet and all kind of signs and numbers that will have your nails speaking in the way you want!! Don’t wait too long and be one of the first to become “Nailingual”!

express your nails! 02 express your nails! 02

Ready, Express, Go!!!!

Express your nails - Express yourself!!

Express your nails 02 is all about that those playful designs for fun people that would love to laugh and smile when looking at their nails!!! Give yourself the opportunity to express how you feel, and what you are thinking about in the moment......without ever having to say a word.

This plate is all about sharing anything that makes us smile and feel special as we express ourselves in so many interesting ways!!

Have fun!!! Let your nails simply be a reminder of how your lovely self is feeling, and what makes you unique! Express your nails AND Express yourself with this plate!

Feeling Shapely! 01 Feeling Shapely! 01

Hey girls!. We have a surprise for you!. We know there are all kind of clear stampers out there, but are there enough plates to play with this stamper?. We don't think so. That's why we want to design images that can be used with that stamper and guess what?.. here is our Feeling Shapely! 01 plate. It is one of our overlapping plates! Yay! With this plate you can OVERLAP the images to create multi color designs using the same images or mix it with another one!. Now you can have the perfect stripes & chevron designs in different colors without using any kind of vinyl or striping tape!.. ISN'T THIS FANTASTIC?!.

Feeling Shapely! 02 Feeling Shapely! 02

We introduced our first stamping plate of our Shapes Collection!! Who doesn't start doing Nail Art with DOTS & STRIPES but having troubles make them straight and round? WE DO!!! That's the reason why we design Feeling Shapely! 02 And because going back to basics never goes out of style...this plate has images full of perfect dots that you can overlap to create very cool designs! What are you waiting for!! Get those stampers ready!!

Feeling Shapely! 03 Feeling Shapely! 03
Are you ready for mix and match your nails with style?. We love to do that!. That's the reason why we create our "Shapes Collection", which is full of geometrical shapes and cool abstract patterns that will make your nails look amazing! And here is another of our cool plates... beware! Feeling Shapely! 03 plate is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! What are you waiting for? Let your creativity fly with this plate & create designs on your nails what will steal all of the attention while you are wearing them!
Feeling Shapely! 06 Feeling Shapely! 06
And here is another plate that is part of our "Shapes Collection". Feeling Shapely! 06 plate is full of organic shapes with curves and uneven images that will add that original look to your finger nails! If you are naturally inspired by shapes, but you are looking for something different and unique, this plate will give you that!
Feeling Shapely! 08 Feeling Shapely! 08
Are geometric flowers fun, pretty, stylish and way cool?!?! You bet they are! We see it and that's the reason we have created our Feeling Shapely! 08 plate.

We wanted something different from the traditional flower's style that is fun and unique to make your manis look amazing!! From reverse stamping to leadlighting manis to just simple stamping, this plate is perfect! 😉

Spring has sprung with change here. Try out something different, and welcome Spring with a great style!

Feeling Shapely! 09 Feeling Shapely! 09
We are so happy to introduce to you another exciting addition of our Feeling Shapely collection! This is a cool and great minimalist style plate with a mix of 90’s inspired shapes that truly are timeless and will never go out of style!

For those of you who like a little bit of wow! in the nails, at first, maybe this plate could seem boring or too simple. But hey, not so fast nail enthusiasts! Minimalist styles may look simple at first glance, but there's a world of designs you can do with this plate. All the images are made to be layered and a mix & match with everything you can imagine! And another great thing, we have also included a different way to do gradients!!!

This is a MUST have plate and a great addition to your collection! Don’t miss it