Get Wild! 01 Get Wild! 01
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We want to hear you ROAR!!!! Take a walk in the wild side and bring the jungle to your finger nails with our Get Wild! 01 plate! But HEY! we have a surprise for you in this plate.... you can do a perfect CAMOUFLAGE in 3 steps using our overlapping camo images!. Isn't this fabulous!!! YAY!

Get Wild! 02 Get Wild! 02
gothic & chic 01 gothic & chic 01

Not all gothic style needs to be dark... That's the reason why we create this beautiful plate..... to add a gothic style with a spark of chic!  Something that you can wear all year long!

I Foil In Love 01 I Foil In Love 01
Who doesn’t love METALLICS, CHROMES and even FOIL in your nails? WE DO!! And that’s why we created this GORGEOUS plate!!

Similar to a vinyl, all the images have thicker lines so when you use foil or metallic polishes you really can capture that beautiful effect when you stamp! And not only that, if you love to do REVERSE STAMPING, this plate could give you the possibility to create designs mixing both technics! Isn’t this amazing?!

We just fell in love with this plate and that’s the reason why we named it “I Foil In Love 01”. This plate will be also available for Pre-Order on September 23rd. Stay tuned!

I Foil In Love 02 I Foil In Love 02
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We are so excited to show you another of our recent new plate introductions, and this is one of our favorites for sure!    It’s not too late for your nails to say I foil in love with this plate.

I foil in love 02 uses an original mix between a crochet and lace style but with thicker lines that allows you to easily use them with foil and/or pigment powders for stamping.  It will make any color pop up on your nails with super cute and fashion floral designs! 

Are you also ready to say I foil in love 02???  

In Motion 01 In Motion 01
Things aren't always as they seem...... Get raedy to have yuor mnids bolwn as we epxolre the wodnefrul wlord of opactil illisuon igmaes with this CRAZY In Motion 01 plate! We are going to put your nails in movement! If you see still images that start to move, yep! is our fault! We try to do all kind of cool images that literally blow your mind! If you are a super fan of all kind of Optical Illusion images, this is a plate for you!.
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In Motion 02 In Motion 02
Get into the world of optical illusion with In Motion 02!. This plate is going to make you HALLUCINATE!. Mind-bending fun and moving and moving illusions images that will AMAZE everyone who sees your nails.
$14.99USD $13.99USD
In Motion 03 In Motion 03
Let’s trick each other’s eyes with the In Motion 03 plate!

The visual impact of these patterns will have your nails looking dynamic as a force of optical motion! Challenge yourself to create amazing op-art designs by mixing and matching colors and pattern from this plate that will add a unique and kinetic style to your nails!

$14.99USD $13.99USD
In Motion 04 In Motion 04
Sold Out
We introduce to you one of our favorites in the In Motion #opticalillusion plate series, the one that continues to help you to create the coolest of designs with that perfect MINIMAL touch! 
All of the images are always carefully designed to bring a modern and amazing effect to your nails with the easiest of effort. This plate will make a great addition to your collection on its own or by complementing the other InMotion plates. 
Don’t miss out!! #InMotion04 is FOR you!
$14.99USD $13.99USD
Let's Doodle! 01 Let's Doodle! 01
For all the reverse stamping and leadlighting lovers out there, this plate is perfect!

Like a coloring book, we’ve added all kind of floral images you can perfectly color while mixing and matching in any way you can imagine!

Bring out those sharpie pens and let’s have some fun coloring with this beautiful Let’s Doodle! 01 plate!

Because flowers are with us all year long, we decided to do a 100% floral plate specifically for coloring! All of these hand drawn images will give your nails a unique floral look to your nails.

Let's Doodle! 02 Let's Doodle! 02
Who says sequels can’t be better?

Our Let’s Doodle! 02 is ready to rock this year with beautiful and unique hand-drawn flowers, along with some very pretty, intricate patterns.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie in reverse stamping or a totally advanced reverse stamping artist, you will have so much fun coloring and giving that original look to your nails!

Let's Doodle! 03 Let's Doodle! 03
Let's Doodle! 04 Let's Doodle! 04
 **PRE-ORDER**  This plate will be ship after Nov 17th Quick Facts How To Use Information Delivery • 100% brand new...
License to Be Sexy 01 License to Be Sexy 01
Who says that lace is only for weddings? We don’t think so!

Season after season, and for ages, lace features pop up on fashion trends from New York to Paris. White crochet lace rules in summer, while in winter, red and black lace party dresses get us into the Christmas spirit. But it doesn’t matter what color you wear, lace will always be in fashion! Do you have a license to be sexy? This plate’s license doesn’t expire, and will have you looking sexy all year long!

Don’t miss it out!

License To Be Sexy 02 License To Be Sexy 02

Trends come and go, but the sexiness of lace has no expiration date!!

Why do we all love lace so much? It's no wonder why, because it looks romantic, ultra-feminine and sexy!

Our second version of License to Be Sexy adds a touch of the gothic style to pair with the feminine style so your nails will be sexy for any mood that you are in!! Strut your stuff this fall with a great mix of lace patterns.

Wrap your nails in these badass and delicate laces that will catch all the eyes with our #LicensetoBeSexy02. Hurry, as this license will expire when they are sold out

Mad For Mandalas 01 Mad For Mandalas 01

Who doesn’t love the calming beauty of a Mandala?!!

Like the Mandalas, this plate is meant to be a healing, transformative, and therapeutic in allowing your stress to fall away. For all of you that love to do coloring or reverse stamping, this plate is perfect! But not only will that, from newbies to pros, this plate give you great options to train yourself in these techniques. At the end, the results will be amazing!