Bliss Kiss Collab

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 "A year in the making - the Bliss Kiss/Lina collaboration plate is unique because it brings several nail art trends together in one plate.
This is the first stamping plate designed with the beginning stamper in mind. The elements bordering the edge of the plate are designed so you can scrape the excess polish right off the edge without picking up the neighboring images. It’s now easier for you to have more control of your image placement while working quickly.
Many of the images have been designed with small breaks so that just half of the image can be used. This is especially helpful for those of you with short nails.
The middle section contains buildable swirls made popular by talented Russian artists. Each element is mirrored to provide complete flexibility when building your own unique designs.
Along with Ana’s favorite peacock feathers and swirls, she also included enough mix-and-match variety to unleash the creativity of the most serious nail artist. You’ll be able to create stripes without needing striping tape, bubbles without soap and water, paint splatters without a toothbrush, spiderwebs without the messy gel, stone veins and swirls without needing freehand painting skills, and so much more.
Whether you’re brand new to nail art stamping or a pro, this plate will quickly become your favorite".  

With Love -Ana-

  • 100% brand new stamping plate size 9.5 cm x 14.5 cm with high quality stainless steel and high polish finish with a back sticker to smooth edges.
  • Lina Stamping Plates contain unique designs. Each plate contains images with specific theme.
  • Easy to use for both beginners and experienced nail artists. Etched deep enough to hold enough polish for a beautiful opaque stamping result.
  • The designs are engraved on the image plates and can be used over and over again - never wearing out!.


  1. Nail Polish – we recommend you use a nail polish that is opaque and has a strong pigmentation. Avoid dry fast polishes. For best results use stamping polishes.
  2. Lina Nail Art Supplies Stamp & Scraper (coming soon). You can use any plastic card you have). Stamper is a MOST!.
  3. Lina Nail Art Supplies Stamping Plate. Remove the transparent protective film before use.





    1. Make sure you remove the protective transparent plastic film from the front of the plates before use.
    2. Clean the plate with a cotton ball with 100% pure acetone to remove the possible glue of the plastic film and let it dry.






      1. Make sure that your nail is completely oil free before applying stamping nail polish.
      2. Apply a base coat.
      3. Make sure the base coat is completely dry before you stamp.
      4. Apply the nail polish on the selected design of the image plate.
      5. Use the scraper to remove the excess of nail varnish, making sure you are holding it at a 45 ° angle. Do not press very hard in the process as this will cause too much of the nail varnish to be scraped out of the engraving.
      6. Roll the Stamper to pick up the nail polish from the design and transfer it onto your nail. Make sure you move fast and apply an even amount of pressure. For best results roll the stamp from one side of the other and use the same rolling motion when applying on the nail.
      7. Apply a Top Coat to seal the design.




      DIDN'T PICK UP?:

        Clean and file the stamping head a bit or change the stamper you are using.
        Clean the image with 100% pure acetone before apply nail polish.
        After apply the polish in the image you need to WORK FAST to avoid the polish dries in the stamper and won’t transfer into your nail.
        Try another type of polish. Some polishes dries too fast or are not opaque.

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