glam claws

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A high quality, ultra fine, super shiny holographic powder with a mix of holographic micro flakes & micro glitters specifically for nail art.  Easy to apply to natural or artificial nails. Only a small amount can do a great rainbow effect.

It gives out a gorgeous rainbow effect under sunlight or any artificial light. 

It is a cosmetic grade powder that can be mixed with any uncured gel or nail polish mix.  

Each jar contains 1.5g of ultra fine powder.

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  • When working only with nail polish, we suggest to use a sticky/rubber base coat and apply a top coat to seal off the powder.
  • Easy to use for professionals and home users.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes.


  1. Gel Ready! Base Coat Gel (coming soon) - we recommend you use our sticky gel base or you can use any other semi-dry sticky base coat gel or nail polish.
  2. Pixie Sprinkle Brush - This brush will perfectly pick up the fine glitters to place them on the nail for a super easy & quick application.
  3. Pixie Dust Brush - To remove the excess powder from the nail
  4. Pixie Dry Brush Cleaner - To clean the brush between color applications.
  5. Diamond Sealer Top Coat Gel or Just Seal It! top coat (coming soon) - to give that extra shine and super smooth finish.


Gel Application:

  1. Make sure that your nails are completely oil free before applying the gel base coat.
  2. Apply a layer of Gel Ready! or any other brand color or base coat gel.
  3. Cure with UV/LED lamp for 30 sec.
  4. Pick up the glitter powder with the Pixie Sprinkle Brush and tapping on to the nail from the cuticle all the way down.
  5. Brush off the excess glitter powder with the Pixie Dust Brush.
  6. Clean the brush with the Pixie Dry Brush Cleaner to remove the glitter powder. 
  7. Apply Diamond Sealer Top Coat or any other brand top coat gel.
  8. Cure with UV/LED lamp for 60 sec & done!

Regular Nail Polish Application:

  1. Apply a layer of any brand sticky/rubber base coat.
  2. Pick up the glitter powder with the Pixie Sprinkle Brush and tapping on to the nail from the cuticle all the way down.
  3. Shake off the excess glitter powder with the Pixie Dust Brush.
  4. Clean the brush with the Pixie Dry Brush Cleaner to remove the glitter powder. 
  5. Apply 2 layers of our Just Seal It! top coat (coming soon) or any other top coat for a smooth finish & done!


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